Best Plan for Summer. Part I

You do not have to be rich to travel. Well, at least not now. This summer offers incredible opportunities to those who dare to try something new. In fact, there are some many bargains that it might be challenging to make your final choice. On the other hand, who told you that you have to choose a single destination? The choices are plentiful and who knows, perhaps this is your best year to see the world.

First, the dollar is unbelievably strong, so going to Europe is much cheaper than it used to be because of the currency conversion rates. Exchange rate of Euro is great and many hotels and flights became very budget-friendly. Think of sunset in Rome and morning coffee in Venice. Imagine you lunch on the top of Eifel tower. Start planning your long siesta in Barcelona.  Compare the rates of numerous booking services and choose the best deal.

Best Plan For Summer. Istanbul


Consider going shopping to Istanbul. There is a wonderful choice of the airlines flying to Turkey, 12 airports will open you gates to head off to Istanbul this summer. It is one of the cheapest option as well. There is no secret that a flight might cost at least half of the travel expenses. Tripadvisor has chosen 10 cheapest cities to fly from the USA. Why don’t you use their advise?

So, Istanbul might be the perfect start of your journey. This incredible city combines East and West, affordable prices and incredible choice of souvenirs, clothing and jewels. The best part is that many European destinations can be reached in a matter of hours from here. Some countries, like Greece or Cyprus take even less. You can actually take a boat to go there.

While travelling is always fun, summer is a good time to start planning your next semester. Our professional academic service offers great deals as well. Do you know that any most complex dissertation can be written by professional writers while you are taking photos of fabulous sights? The earlier you order, the cheaper you pay.


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