How to Draw your Budget. Part 2.

Practical Guide for Students. Part 2.

So, now you know that money doesn’t grow on trees. The only way to manage your limited cash is to spend what you have to spend, no loans, no overdrafts and no borrowed cash.

There are always some ways to cut your expenses, so let’s see what can be done.

How to Draw your Budget. Practical Guide for Students. Part 2.


  • Never go food shopping when you are hungry. You will buy much more than you need.
  • Start sharing food with your roommates. Buying food and drink in bulk is always cheaper.
  • Cook in turns with your roommates. You will have a chance to spend less time in the kitchen, make your menu richer and, what is more important, won’t waste any ingredients.
  • While frozen food is not the healthiest option, it is significantly cheaper. So, you can buy more food at discounted price and eat it for several  day or even weeks.
  • You may dare to start growing your own veggies or at least start buying them on the market.
  • Stop eating out too often. Home food is always healthier and costs less. One night out can cost your weekly budget.


How to Draw your Budget. Commuting.

  • Buy travel pass and start saving at least 30% of your budget. Check out special local deals. Many companies offer special discounted tickets for students.
  • Rent or buy a bike. First, it will be great way to go around and second, it can save your expenses on gym workout. Double profit, isn’t it?
  • Bus passes are often sold weekly, so consider you if you need one
  • Start walking more. Most of the students tend to live close enough to uni, so 10-15 extra minutes of walk can save you a hundred or more. Walking will keep you fit and no gym is needed again.
  • Most of the air-lines offer special prices for students and you can spend few hours online to find the best deal.
  • Driving might be fun but do you really a car of your own in uni?

More great tips to come in our next article.


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