How to Draw your Budget. Part 3.

Practical Guide for Students. Part 3.
While learning how to save on foo and transport, you have probably thought of other expenses. Some of them are absolutely essential, while others might be avoided but they make all the fun. So, let us see how you can enjoy life and keep saving.

 You can spend a fortune on study materials, including course books, if you do not start buying online or second-hand. Check out Amazon and other popular sites. Browse local ads and find good deals.
 Consider using the library. It will take more time but you will save hundreds borrowing books instead of buying them.
 If you do have to get a course book of your own, try sharing the cost with your course mates. Spited price is much more affordable. If you happen to live together with your course mates it won’t make any difference.
How to Avoid Additional Expenses
 Start checking student discounts in online and real world stores. You will be surprised to discover how many options you have.
 Before purchasing anything online, start with prices comparison. There are special sites you can use to locate the best deals.
 Charity shops and second-hand stores can be you best option for clothing. Many big cities have dozens of shops to browse.
 Stay tuned to SALES. Most of the clothes and accessories are sold at very attractive prices in the end of each season.
 Use special sites for coupons and discounts. Many coupons can be downloaded to your iPhone or printed for using in real world stores.

 You can bring your drinks and food to the movies and concerts. The prices for Coke and popcorn are always amazingly high in all public places.
 Clubbing is fun but the money you spend on drinks can make your weekly budget. So, consider drinking something BEFORE you go with your friends. Same fun, more money in your pocket.
 Most of the events sell Early bird tickets. Plan in advance and buy cheap.
 Start saving on calls, e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp can successfully replace most of the calls you make.
 Holiday gifts can make a huge hole in your budget, so think of passing some presents you don’t enjoy to other people.
Holiday gifts
On the other hand, after reading all these tips, will you still have fun while planning and preparing in advance for your entertainment?

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