Very Simple Tips on How to Write an Essay

Very Simple Tips on How to Write an Essay.

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   How to start?

Perhaps, you are a college student, and you  are stuck with your essay writing. You have a variety of questions in your head at once: What do I write?Where to start? Oh! It`s my final exam, and I have to get a good grade,but my professor is very picky, etc. I assure you that we have all been there. Writing a good paper is not only possible, it’s very easy, but it will require you to   develop a strategy,  do some research and, of course, it will take self-discipline and, as a result, you will win!

   Getting Started

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A Classic format for writing an essay consists of five paragraphs, so this form is also

sometimes known as the “hamburger essay“.What does it mean? I will try to explain: take few original sentences, and all the rest is nothing more than support for the basic idea in these sentences. Let us suppose that the bulk of the hamburger is the main idea of your essay and the top and bottom bun with salad – the introduction and conclusion. Well, let’s start to cook a hamburger! I mean -to write an essay🙂


First you have to select a Topic. Then choose the central idea of your essay. If you have already done so, outline your essay into Introductory Paragraph and tell the reader what your essay is about. The last sentence of this paragraph shall also contain a summary of the main idea of the essay and move your reader to the first paragraph of the Body of the paper.


Each section should contain a single idea regarding the topic . It is important that the first sentence should refer to the last sentence of the previous paragraph. The Topic should be at the beginning of the section. Your main point is your thesis, so you should submit it as clear as possible and understandable.It is practically impossible to write a great essay  without an excellent thesis.


Excellent Essay pictureAnd now you have gracefully exit your essay. It is recommended to use some memorable final sentences, quotes, but best of all, some question calling for thinking on your main idea and then you will succeed!


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