How to Draw your Budget.

Practical Guide for Students. Part 1.

Leaving home for the first time is already frustrating but challenges of new student life add to stress.  New life style in university, new faces of the students and professors, new subjects to learn– you name it. Financial planning is one of many challenges but it can quickly become your biggest one.

How to Draw your Budget. Practical Guide for Students. Part 1.

Most of the students do not have the money of their own and either borrow it from parents or get some education loans. So, it is truly important to understand what you are going to spend  in addition to your tuition fee.

What should you expect to spend for?

  1. Study Materials.

Many freshmen admit that  their course materials cost much more than they thought and make a big part of their budget.

  1. Transport & Commuting.

Some of you will be lucky to live close enough to university to walk to study. Most of the students though have to pay daily to get to lectures. Other big part is travelling home for week-ends or holidays.

Unless you eat properly you chances to study well go slim. Healthy food and proper diet do not have to be very expensive but still will make you spend substantial sum every week.

  1. Housing & Utilities

While living with parents, most of the students never thought of monthly bills for  electricity, water, heating and rent. Now you have to make right choices to make sure that you have enough money to cover your utility bills. Whatever option you choose- a dormitory, private housing or shared rent- make sure you have enough money left to pay  for utilities.

  1. Internet

There is hardly any student who can survive without internet longer than few hours. So when choosing your housing, choose wisely and  check internet availability and costs. It might happen that your chosen accommodation doesn’t have any internet, than you will have to pay for installing it.

  1. Entertainment

All students spend money on sport, clubs, gigs, etc to have fun. Even if you budget is limited make sure you do leave some money to enjoy life. Don’t waste your best years.

To be continued